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Personalized meal planning with DinnerTime.

DinnerTime serves up some stress-free happiness at your dinner table with an incredibly powerful menu planning solution built to satisfy your tastes, your family, your budget, your dietary goals, your schedule and your lifestyle.

  • Personalized meal planning website offering healthful menus
  • Customized list of meal options based on your preferences
  • Automated tool creates shopping lists of on-sale ingredients from the store you select

To learn more about the benefits of DinnerTime, watch this short video:

We’ve made it easy for you to sign up for DinnerTime through the Evergreen Health Member Portal. Just log in, click the link below the video on your member homepage, and get started!

DinnerTime membership is FREE for Evergreen members.  Use referral code EVERGREEN and have your Evergreen Health ID ready.

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